Monday, November 24, 2008

I love my local Gamestop. (well kinda sorta?)

No, it's not because I like the "great" trade in values. It's because the employee's at this specific Gamestop rule all. They are great people, for reals, no foolies I swear. Went in to see if they had recieved Chrono Trigger DS yet, but alas they did not. Knowing the store I work at wouldn't likely be getting it I shamelessly pre-ordered the day before it comes out. :C I feel dirty, but I get my game tomorrow and I get a pre-order soundtrack. WOOT! And on my way out one of the clerks (shout out to her) gave me a couple of gifts. So if said employee ever reads this post on this blog, my thanks to you miss, I owe you 2.

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