Monday, August 27, 2007

Fuck you digital distribution

so as of a few minutes ago Warhawk became available to download via the PSN for a cool $39.99. the more i look at it the more i realize that, i dont really have to pay for it. all i have to do is hit a couple buttons and bam! im flying the unfriendly skys. its really that simple, so simple that im hovering over the send button right now... and now im starting to figure out what Satan's real plan is.

the whole digital cash flow thing started with credit cards, debt cards, check cards, target cards, club cards, and so forth it became easier to buy things. no more do you have to actually see the money go away! it was as easy as sliding a card, and bam thats yours... want a new 50'' TV? all you gotta do is just slide a card though this machine and its yours. who wouldnt do that??

over time sliding a card became the standard and now people see it as money. so your less likely to buy something if you have to actually physically hand "something" to someone. then online shopping started and it became even easier, you just punch in your numbers once and you can hit the "buy" button all day, the items are delivered to your door step and you never have to leave your dark damp cave you call a home.

but no, that wasnt enough. now all you have to do is punch in you card once when you start your acount, as before, then you just click on what you want and there is no waiting for it to arive on your door step... oh no... it just downloads onto you harddrive, no box to open, no disc to put in, you dont even have to get up off your lazy ass... you just click the icon and your playing.

its evil i tell you... i have to keep yelling in my head "ITS REALLY GONNA TAKE $40 (OF REAL MONEY) OUT OF YOUR ACOUNT AND YOU DONT HAVE THAT MUCH TO SPEND... DONT BE STUPID!!!!" to keep my self from making the mistake ive made with smaller purchases, like Super Mario Bros (Wii)... which was really dumb considering i have a cartrage and NES over there and a ROM of it right here, and now a Wii version of it to my right.....

so i advise you to buy games in person with cash, dont get caught up in the digital world.. becasue it only has one ending and that ending is debt... and there aint no cheat codes to save you from debt :(

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Myspace is up

we have a myspace page up as well, for promoting and keeping track of our friends

check it out here


In your face flea market vendor guy!

so Moth, Lego Maniac and i all decided to go to our local flea market today. you never know what kinda of treasures you may find in a wasteland like that... a used 1974 makita power drill? $4? yes! thank the heavens my search is over!.. ehm .. but seriously sometimes this is a good place to dig up rare and classic games.

theres a regular videogame vender out there who has a pretty vast selection of quality wares, but unfortunitly he knows what there worth, so its almost point less to buy from this guy... you might as well get that one on ebay thats "only been played once!" for the same price.

so i was was checking out his ps1 games and bam! Bushido Blade 2, man oh man, it has been years since ive played this game but damned if i didnt love it back in the day. it was one of thoughs games that you rented like 11 times but never bought, even though you should have.

so with that said i asked the (what seem to be tge 15yr son of the owner) to check it out, quickly i noticed the $15 asking price and promply denied, knowing that i could get a better quailty copy of that from anywhere else for that price. sadly we had to move on and leave my dreams of reliving the sword swinging wonder that is Bushido Blade...

so we crusied the entry slew of Foakelys, Mighty Super Stong Rangers, Corndogs and Beer. we were about to leave, but deiced to take one last look... at the 2nd to last stop there was some old asian guy that barly spoke english that had 5 PS1's on a table and a box with about 10 games in it... i figured it would be 9 copys of madden 1998 and 1 spyro.. but sure as shit, Bushido Blade 2!?!

"sweet" i said with excitment and then i proply changed my attitude to a "meh whatever" as i asked (and expected to haggle) the price... "$3" ... SOLD! ... its got no box or booklet, but did i really wanna pay $12 more dollars for booklet? fuck that who reads those anyways? the disc looked fine it was in a clear case to carry it home in, as long as it plays im happy.*

long story short, patience is a virtue... not jumping on the first sighting of a game that ive been looking for saved me $12. also i dont think there is any other PS1 game that can still hold my interest like this one does 10 years later. if you have never played Bushido Blade 2 and you see it at a garage sale, flea market, local game shop for $5, get it!... it will be $5 well spent.

*plays fantastic, no skips glitches or anything. the disc looks like it could be resurfaced to new condition.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Thank you is in order.

So in my brief skim over ign this evening i found something that actually caught my eye the trailer for the new hitman movie coming out. A thanks is in order to the people making this almost decent looking game movie. That thanks is for not casting hunky mchunk vin diesel... that would have been too easy if you ask me. Giving this new guy a chance seems like it's going to make a better picture, focus more on the movie instead of the actor.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Smash is getting my game of the year nod.

Take a glimpse over at the dojo for one of the best hype video i've seen for awhile. It is making my wiisports box finally get it's hopes up that someday i will touch it again. :[

(unless they release Super mario RPG: Legend of the seven stars, then it will get touched quite frequently)

Hal is doing it right once more which makes me think has Hal ever screwed up? Maybe Ghostbusters II but i'll let it slide just cause i'm assuming it sucked and never took time to really "understand" Ghostbusters II.

Holla, by the way sorry for all the wiki links just want people to know what i'm talking about!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Im like a fat kid

when it comes to Need For Speed im like a fat kid... you know you really shouldn't eat that pie, but you really really want a pie... and if you eat it, you will feel happy for a second and then it will just collect as useless fat in your belly... but you just cant stop eating them for some reason...

i know i shouldnt get NFS ProStreet becasue it will only satisfie my "need for speed" for a moment and then it will just sit on the shelf with carbon, most wanted, underground 1 and 2 collecting dust...

i buy this game every year hoping for that fun and excitement i had back in the PS1 days. When NFS put a smile on my face, the size of a tire. But every year im let down..."so go get a different game you would say?" ... and i say... "then what?" everything thing else on the market that offers this type of arcade/sim style racing sucks as well... this is just the lesser of the evils ...

im almost depressed becasue i know im gonna waste $60 again and theres no way of stopping it, untill something better comes out... and the fact that i keep buying this crap makes EA think that its "ok" to just release crap becasue, "figures show that people will buy crap so, why bother try? when we can not try for the same money?" ...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Destructoid Update

i think claiming we were at war with destructiod might have been moths frustration with the back lash he reciviced by they're comminity.. for the Record we enjoy Destructiod and its contribitors. if anything we were at war with their forums, but thats even a stretch. so heres this to chew on.

If your here becasue one of us posted a link on a forum or posted alink in a sig, know this. the place you go for new videogame information should stay the same, we have no intent on trying to compete with the big NEWS sites as of any time soon. we just started we have no insider information were just posting our randoms thoughts, and eventually were going to do a "Radio show'ish" Podcast.

so if you want to listen to some fresh videogame opinions, and funny videogame podcasts keep checkn back. but dont stop going to Kotaku, Destructiod, Gamespot, IGN, 1UP,,, .. yadayada.. and so on... becasue if we arent going to, you shouldnt either.

think of us as your Wii to your 360 or even your cell phone games to your PS3.. its not gonna hold your interest all day and it wont replace your 360 or PS3.. but its fun for alil while...

thank you


I guess im at war with the deroid boards?

for anyone who would like to see the welcoming nature of the community which i would like to jump into please take a jump to this link right here...

please let me know if i am in the fucking wrong for just wanting people to get to know me and my FUCKING views.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Games i regret (v. mothsnesmonster)

Following the great fareo i would like to take a moment and talk about some of the games i regretfully sold, let go or accidentally thrown out by parental units. It's like the post under me but with a twist...

First though i would like to name off a couple of games that have consumed my creative soul for much too long and without any real warrant. All the while taking precious moolaa from my trusty bank account...


For years now the game series that captivated my entity like Cheese to wallace and gromit has sucked my wallet for ever cent i could muster up. The series wouldn't be so bad if say you were to destroy all known knowledge of any REAL mmo. The problem with the games are that once you actually realize all your "fantasies" in this fake fake world could not only be lived out in a fake world (see what i did there?) but more of an actual for filling experience cause you are exploring with actual people not npc's who want you to believe your playing with real people.. (ex. fake emails, fake cybering, fake love interests, fake loneliness) just kidding who really falls for a girl that isn't really real on some game.. yeah that never happens..right? Movin on... Whatever you do don't find yourself 4 years after a game comes out thats actually pretending to pretend to be a great game and still wanting more.. here i am... missing the fourth installment of the first series (second time purchasing) and haven't even gotten to play the first of the second series cause my brain wants me to finish something before i start something else... but i stare ever vi gently waiting for the fourth installment to release me from my hell... that is collecting...

my regret though is ever getting started in this wonderfully unique world.


So jumping back into the whole collecting for no real reason part of my brain. Really not sure why the hell i hunt down snes and nes games while my compy is chalked full of roms. I even have handy dandy controllers from psx days and everything i could ever want to make my thumbs and pants orgasm out of control via "Throwback joy". But everytime im on ebay i look for chrono trigger everytime im at denios i look through the snes and nes crap.. everytime i look at my wii i know what wrong things i have done...(virtual console what have you made of me). It is pure regret i feel flowing through my vains everytime i look at my entertainment center and all those games that are not only on my computer but games that i have already beaten...
the shame that i have because of all the games i have and the fact that the poor midwestern doesn't even know or will ever know of them makes me stay up all night or the fact that im pwnin noobs in resistance till 3 in the mornin.

And now to put an end to this shamefest i'd like to take up 30 more seconds of your time and tell you why selling games and letting parents know where your games are are bad ideas. Because no matter what you will regret it later down the road.. unless the game sucks, and in that case why the fuck did you buy it? Waiting one more week to buy a game instead of selling a game that you kind of don't like at the moment could make all the difference in the matter of your contentment later on in life. Life is a game either play to win or play to lose... accept what the hell your going to do in life and do it.

and im done heh..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Games I Regret (v. Fareo)

over the years I've bought some duds, and some... well complete crap. lets take a look...

State of Emergency

it was a different time then, Rockstar games was still a fresh face. they had just released GTA3 and hailed as the greatest videogame maker on the market. single handily moving the industry forward. surely anything they put out would be gold, right? oh ho ho ho .. no...

lets be fair, when i first heard the idea of running around in a riot and blowing stuff up i said "Hell Yeah!" and when i first got it i played it for about 2 hours blowing stuff up and shooting people dead and ... blowing stuff up and shooting people dead... and blowing stuff up and shooting people dead... and blowing st...... ok i think you see where this is going. after the first day i learned a big lesson the hard way.

just because a company makes 1 good game, doesn't mean that everything else they make is gonna be good. this game is probably the biggest waste of $49.99 that I've ever spent. and then a year or so later i dusted it off and traded it in for my modest $8... :(* ...

lesson learned: rent first! there is no sure thing!

Spiderman 3 the movie the game

the disappointment. OK i do know better, Movie based games do have the "curse of unplayable", but for some reason i thought maybe... MAYBE... this could be the one. maybe this was the one that oracle spoke of. unfortunately this was note our Neo.

"Next Gen Graphics! 10 different story lines! Play as Harry! Switch between the black suit AND the red suit!! 3 Times as Big as that last game!!1"

"HellmotherfuckingYeah!" ...

"Meh graphics!10 different 3 mission (15min) story lines linked together into not even 1 normal story mode length! play as harry, for $10 more or $7 if you get him on the PSN! switch between different background music and idle animations! 3 times as big as the last game! and 3 times the empty space to run around and do nothing... "

"...mother fucker..."

so I'm a fan of the spiderman games, i liked ultimate spiderman (mostly the play as venom part) and i liked the first PS1 activison game before the movies, casue it was different and i liked to zip up to the roof with my web. the idea of playing as spiderman intrigues me and its fun. playing as spiderman in this game is fun, but after you spend the 4 hours to beat the story mode there's nothing left. you've got MILES! of new york at your finger tips but.... nothing to do.

see in GTA, you play as a normal thief. there's tons of things you can do. steal cars and drive, shoot people, jump off buildings, fly planes, police chases, pretend to be a cabbie.. in spiderman, your a Superhero... you beat all the evil villains and then what? steal a car and drive around? oh no, your a hero. fly a plane? spiderman doesnt fly planes.. shoot people? spiderman would never! ...

so what you DO get to do is the same random bank robbery missions, over and over and over and its the same story over and over.. suddenly activision steals my childhood dream of being a superhero by showing me the truth! that its just the same petty thief's over and over and once in a blue mood you get a villain to face.

maybe if they didn't spend 3 years mapping out New York and just made a linear game (ya thats thoughs games Pre-Grand Theft Auto 3) that was at least 30 hours + of things to do i might have had fun being spiderman... instead of basicly telling me that the Santa eats beef jerky and drinks beer on the couch 364 days a year. :(*

Marc Echos Getting Up

LOL .. i paid 4 bucks for this on clearance and then traded it in for 5.. i got paid a buck to play this game... sounds about right...

Enter The Matrix

i bought this on clearance for $2 and i never opened it... after reading the reviews i couldnt bring myself to cracking the plastic.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"CashCow Hero"

So what’s going on with guitar hero? Lets recap for those of you who missed it.

Harmonix created

Karaoke Revolution
Guitar Hero 1 and 2

then something happened and they parted ways with activison and now Neversoft is doing Guitar Hero 3. So what happen to Harmonix? They are doing that” rip off game" that all the guitar hero fanboys are complaining about Rock Band. So lets show you how dumb you sound when you say Rock Band is a rip off of guitar hero.

Tom invents to wood saw for company A
Tom leaves Company A
Company A continues to make the wood saw
Tom invents a better wood saw for company B
Company B is blamed for copying company’s As idea.
Even though both were Tom’s idea.

Aside from that what the contradiction is going with that game? I remember reading interviews about how they pick songs for the game and that. Even though we (the people who play the game) want a song like say. Um. Staind / Mudshovle they (the company who makes the game) says that it wouldn’t work in guitar hero because its about memorable guitar lines and songs that focus on the guitar.Ok fair enough, so... where does My Chemical Romance fit into that statement?

On top of that in Guitar Hero you will have to face off against Legends such as Slash from Guns n Roses (cool..) and even Bret Michaels which seem.s.s... wait? wha.. Isn’t he the "SINGER" for poison? So hold on even if Bret does play guitar, he’s a legend? Even farther Poison as a band is legendary? I'm not knocking the band completely I used to be a hair metal rocker but they were always just the pop rock glam band... slash, legend? Yes. Bret Michaels? No.

Honestly guitar hero is going down the tubes and with every passing Rock Band news break I forget more and more about guitar hero. Full album downloads, drum controller, create a player, 10 buttons, online bands.... vs. Bret Michaels.... guitar hero is still around because it makes money... that’s about it.

The PSN just got alil dirty'er

This weeks dump into the PSN bucket left me with alil smile when I first looked upon it, seeing what scraps Sony has shoveled out for us poor ($) gamers to feed on, I saw the DiRT Demo. Needing for a new racing experience I promptly downloading it and off I went.

First I would like to talk about the name, no more is it "Colin McRae pro rally 6"(or whatever) ... its just simply dirt. Oh wait sorry that’s DiRT. With a lil "I”...? What are we a pop rock band? As cute as they think it looks, every time I look it I just want to hit my forehead, because you know some genius over at codemasters was trying to hard to be cool that day and suggested that they name the game as if alil kid wrote it, and then someone else said "hell yeah" meh. Moving on

so you get 3 vehicles to choose from and each vehicle has its respective course for you to try, a buggy with a open desert'ish track, Citroen C4 with a rally track, and a WRX STI with a rally cross track. So being the Subaru fan that I am, I jumped in that and tried the rally cross. Right off the bat my first impression of the physics is, floaty, hover crafty, hard mounted to the rear camera pole.

I have a really high standard for racing games and its been along time since one has really impressed me with physics, it seems like the Devs just care more about amazing menu systems (get to that in a min) and cool commercials, then the actual game play mechanics. As with most racing games lately the car does not feel connected to the ground. It feels like you can just swing it on a pole that’s mounted in the middle of the car and connected by another pole that’s holding the camera.

Nit picking the physics aside, the game is playable. If you’re not a physics fanatic then you probably wont really notice this. Damage is pretty cool, slamming into a guardrail and having it actually bend is pretty rewarding, as far as the car goes. Well... if a real WRX can take that much abuse and still drive, I'm going for a trade in right now. I couldn’t seem to kill it completely, oh and I tried.

Graphics are pretty impressive, the shadowing and lighting are great and the frame rate runs pretty fast and smooth. I really can’t complain about this part of the game, I mean its not" ZOMG AMAZING!! 1" but its what I would expect from a next gen game so id say they are dead on with what they should be.

The menu system, oh boy...that is a work of art damn. One of the coolest looking menu systems I've seen a while. Very cool I just wanted to flip through pages of the menu back and forth and then I realized "oh ya there’s a racing game here huh?” if only they put as much creativity, time, money and effort into the game enigne as they did the menu. Well then it would have had crappy menus and awesome racing... we wouldn’t want that though! BRING ON THE MENUS!

Id say that I had the most fun in the cockpit view with the Citroen on the tight twisty rally track, it gave a great sense of speed and fear of crashing. Over all I’d say that I’m not as impressed as I thought I would be but that’s not to say it’s a bad game. I was on the fence about buying this but after the demo I think I’m going to wait and see what happens with Sega Rally Revo.

I say ... DiRT demo = 7 of 10 ... but go try it yourself

Friday, August 10, 2007

France + FFT = Jeanne d'arc FTW

The crusades are back from the grave! This time it's personal!

Get ready history buffs your about to fight off some of the norms this holiday season for some killer crusade games! Jeanne d'arc and assassin's creed are coming and making gaming and learning as one again. Like in our past with gems like where in the world is Carmen sandiago and mario's time machine you can expect not only a game play to rival the top of the top in the business but a first rate education you would expect from an infomercial around 2 in the afternoon on the local fox channel inbetween judge joe brown and passions!
Do yourself a favor and bug your local eb or gamestop for a demo of jeanne d'arc and get a trickle of whats to come this august 21st... France! Angst! Dragons! England! Magic from god! all based on 100% true story. I swear. No really i swear a whole bunch.
The game plays a lot like final fantasy tactics not like how FFTA was but actually more like the ps1 version which makes me think this is literally just a paint job on classic. Which is okay by me since FFT is what really made the genre. Debate all you want without FFT turn based strategy role playing games would not be as popular as they are.. even if there underground still they would be in the basement of the underground without fft, which in essence means Jeanne d'arc should actually top or at least hit the bar that was set... (since it's a paint job)...
Conclusion is a buy!
+price is right 29.99
+something to play before FFT PSP comes out in October
+something to play before disgaea psp comes out after that.
+good time to love TBSRPG's!
+great story on an already great game mechanic

-if you really only have 29.99 to your name i would hold off till FFTPSP comes out!
(probley going to be about 39.99 if you ask me)

Thanks for your time!

Schwarzenegger VS Founding Fathers!

Feel like selling games about decapitating babies and kicking them into mouths of sharks while the sharks are getting thrown into a wood chipper stationed at the bunny ranch? Well that makes you not only a sex offender but it also makes you insane. For the rest of you retail workers that are pretty close you can now sell "M" games in california to anyone you want.. be it the mild GTA to little timmy with all that money he saved from christ's birthday or the next leisure suit larry to "i just got my first 'puter" josie.
My view is a very simple and to the point. Censorship in any form is just that censorship. If you want to play watch listen to something would'nt you want to listen watch or play it the way the people who made it would want you too? If you don't want your kid to learn "bad words" "sex positions" "angst" "question authority" and all those other things we norms call life then lock that poor child in a hole and make sure he or she never knows what the fuck there missing. Parents if you don't want your kids to buy something you don't want them too then there are two options.

1)don't let them have money!ZOMG!

2)show some interest in what they are buying... "i don't know what he wants... just pick it for me?"

If you want to censor then censor just take the time and think about why your fighting so hard to stop something in a world where nothing has ever been told whats right or wrong.