Thursday, August 16, 2007

"CashCow Hero"

So what’s going on with guitar hero? Lets recap for those of you who missed it.

Harmonix created

Karaoke Revolution
Guitar Hero 1 and 2

then something happened and they parted ways with activison and now Neversoft is doing Guitar Hero 3. So what happen to Harmonix? They are doing that” rip off game" that all the guitar hero fanboys are complaining about Rock Band. So lets show you how dumb you sound when you say Rock Band is a rip off of guitar hero.

Tom invents to wood saw for company A
Tom leaves Company A
Company A continues to make the wood saw
Tom invents a better wood saw for company B
Company B is blamed for copying company’s As idea.
Even though both were Tom’s idea.

Aside from that what the contradiction is going with that game? I remember reading interviews about how they pick songs for the game and that. Even though we (the people who play the game) want a song like say. Um. Staind / Mudshovle they (the company who makes the game) says that it wouldn’t work in guitar hero because its about memorable guitar lines and songs that focus on the guitar.Ok fair enough, so... where does My Chemical Romance fit into that statement?

On top of that in Guitar Hero you will have to face off against Legends such as Slash from Guns n Roses (cool..) and even Bret Michaels which seem.s.s... wait? wha.. Isn’t he the "SINGER" for poison? So hold on even if Bret does play guitar, he’s a legend? Even farther Poison as a band is legendary? I'm not knocking the band completely I used to be a hair metal rocker but they were always just the pop rock glam band... slash, legend? Yes. Bret Michaels? No.

Honestly guitar hero is going down the tubes and with every passing Rock Band news break I forget more and more about guitar hero. Full album downloads, drum controller, create a player, 10 buttons, online bands.... vs. Bret Michaels.... guitar hero is still around because it makes money... that’s about it.

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Anonymous said...

where the fuck is ted "i fuck everything that moves or has moved in the last 4 year" nugent? Or ray vaughn(don't know if that's spelled right) or some goddamn buckethead? that's all im saying... yeah i agree that slash is and brett isn't but come on there are a lot of legends.. so where the f.

ps eddie v where are you?