Friday, August 10, 2007

Schwarzenegger VS Founding Fathers!

Feel like selling games about decapitating babies and kicking them into mouths of sharks while the sharks are getting thrown into a wood chipper stationed at the bunny ranch? Well that makes you not only a sex offender but it also makes you insane. For the rest of you retail workers that are pretty close you can now sell "M" games in california to anyone you want.. be it the mild GTA to little timmy with all that money he saved from christ's birthday or the next leisure suit larry to "i just got my first 'puter" josie.
My view is a very simple and to the point. Censorship in any form is just that censorship. If you want to play watch listen to something would'nt you want to listen watch or play it the way the people who made it would want you too? If you don't want your kid to learn "bad words" "sex positions" "angst" "question authority" and all those other things we norms call life then lock that poor child in a hole and make sure he or she never knows what the fuck there missing. Parents if you don't want your kids to buy something you don't want them too then there are two options.

1)don't let them have money!ZOMG!

2)show some interest in what they are buying... "i don't know what he wants... just pick it for me?"

If you want to censor then censor just take the time and think about why your fighting so hard to stop something in a world where nothing has ever been told whats right or wrong.



Anonymous said...

BTW i kind of blacked out while writing so here's what the hell i was ranting about! For all of you out of the loop consider yourself surrounded by it now!

Fareo said...

this is a hard topic to judge becasue of the different factors, you cant get into a R movie without an adult so why should you be able to buy a R(M) game without one?

on the other hand im agaisnt the censorship of childern and holding them back from childhood experances. i played mortal kombat when i was young, and my count is 0 School Shootings 0 Sucide attemts 0 friends shot in the face.. ?