Friday, August 10, 2007

France + FFT = Jeanne d'arc FTW

The crusades are back from the grave! This time it's personal!

Get ready history buffs your about to fight off some of the norms this holiday season for some killer crusade games! Jeanne d'arc and assassin's creed are coming and making gaming and learning as one again. Like in our past with gems like where in the world is Carmen sandiago and mario's time machine you can expect not only a game play to rival the top of the top in the business but a first rate education you would expect from an infomercial around 2 in the afternoon on the local fox channel inbetween judge joe brown and passions!
Do yourself a favor and bug your local eb or gamestop for a demo of jeanne d'arc and get a trickle of whats to come this august 21st... France! Angst! Dragons! England! Magic from god! all based on 100% true story. I swear. No really i swear a whole bunch.
The game plays a lot like final fantasy tactics not like how FFTA was but actually more like the ps1 version which makes me think this is literally just a paint job on classic. Which is okay by me since FFT is what really made the genre. Debate all you want without FFT turn based strategy role playing games would not be as popular as they are.. even if there underground still they would be in the basement of the underground without fft, which in essence means Jeanne d'arc should actually top or at least hit the bar that was set... (since it's a paint job)...
Conclusion is a buy!
+price is right 29.99
+something to play before FFT PSP comes out in October
+something to play before disgaea psp comes out after that.
+good time to love TBSRPG's!
+great story on an already great game mechanic

-if you really only have 29.99 to your name i would hold off till FFTPSP comes out!
(probley going to be about 39.99 if you ask me)

Thanks for your time!

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Fareo said...

i never really understood the Over glorified version of chess that they call "Tactics" but it could be becasue how i got introduced to it. i had never really play many games like this, i just got done with FF7 and i popped this in expecting FF7 part2 (well not so much but it was still hot in my mind)

all and all id say that the demo was cool and anyone into this type of gameplay would probliby dig as i (someone who doesnt) had some fun with it, so thats saying alot for me.