Sunday, August 26, 2007

In your face flea market vendor guy!

so Moth, Lego Maniac and i all decided to go to our local flea market today. you never know what kinda of treasures you may find in a wasteland like that... a used 1974 makita power drill? $4? yes! thank the heavens my search is over!.. ehm .. but seriously sometimes this is a good place to dig up rare and classic games.

theres a regular videogame vender out there who has a pretty vast selection of quality wares, but unfortunitly he knows what there worth, so its almost point less to buy from this guy... you might as well get that one on ebay thats "only been played once!" for the same price.

so i was was checking out his ps1 games and bam! Bushido Blade 2, man oh man, it has been years since ive played this game but damned if i didnt love it back in the day. it was one of thoughs games that you rented like 11 times but never bought, even though you should have.

so with that said i asked the (what seem to be tge 15yr son of the owner) to check it out, quickly i noticed the $15 asking price and promply denied, knowing that i could get a better quailty copy of that from anywhere else for that price. sadly we had to move on and leave my dreams of reliving the sword swinging wonder that is Bushido Blade...

so we crusied the entry slew of Foakelys, Mighty Super Stong Rangers, Corndogs and Beer. we were about to leave, but deiced to take one last look... at the 2nd to last stop there was some old asian guy that barly spoke english that had 5 PS1's on a table and a box with about 10 games in it... i figured it would be 9 copys of madden 1998 and 1 spyro.. but sure as shit, Bushido Blade 2!?!

"sweet" i said with excitment and then i proply changed my attitude to a "meh whatever" as i asked (and expected to haggle) the price... "$3" ... SOLD! ... its got no box or booklet, but did i really wanna pay $12 more dollars for booklet? fuck that who reads those anyways? the disc looked fine it was in a clear case to carry it home in, as long as it plays im happy.*

long story short, patience is a virtue... not jumping on the first sighting of a game that ive been looking for saved me $12. also i dont think there is any other PS1 game that can still hold my interest like this one does 10 years later. if you have never played Bushido Blade 2 and you see it at a garage sale, flea market, local game shop for $5, get it!... it will be $5 well spent.

*plays fantastic, no skips glitches or anything. the disc looks like it could be resurfaced to new condition.

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Anonymous said...

Yes the denios visit this time was defiantly better then most. The giant aching in my belly from disappointment was no where to be found thanks in part to being with some denios virgins and hunting for some killer games with some almost equaling partners in crime. My best finds of the day were getting tekken, tekken 2, jersey devil and rad racer for only 10 doll hairs. I was though severely disappointed to come to the realization that buying a "real" copy of chrono trigger will most likely cost me near the 50 doll hair range. :[ overall it was a pretty rad day hope we can do some more of these treasure hunts later down the road.