Sunday, August 19, 2007

Destructoid Update

i think claiming we were at war with destructiod might have been moths frustration with the back lash he reciviced by they're comminity.. for the Record we enjoy Destructiod and its contribitors. if anything we were at war with their forums, but thats even a stretch. so heres this to chew on.

If your here becasue one of us posted a link on a forum or posted alink in a sig, know this. the place you go for new videogame information should stay the same, we have no intent on trying to compete with the big NEWS sites as of any time soon. we just started we have no insider information were just posting our randoms thoughts, and eventually were going to do a "Radio show'ish" Podcast.

so if you want to listen to some fresh videogame opinions, and funny videogame podcasts keep checkn back. but dont stop going to Kotaku, Destructiod, Gamespot, IGN, 1UP,,, .. yadayada.. and so on... becasue if we arent going to, you shouldnt either.

think of us as your Wii to your 360 or even your cell phone games to your PS3.. its not gonna hold your interest all day and it wont replace your 360 or PS3.. but its fun for alil while...

thank you


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Anonymous said...

well said.