Friday, August 17, 2007

Games I Regret (v. Fareo)

over the years I've bought some duds, and some... well complete crap. lets take a look...

State of Emergency

it was a different time then, Rockstar games was still a fresh face. they had just released GTA3 and hailed as the greatest videogame maker on the market. single handily moving the industry forward. surely anything they put out would be gold, right? oh ho ho ho .. no...

lets be fair, when i first heard the idea of running around in a riot and blowing stuff up i said "Hell Yeah!" and when i first got it i played it for about 2 hours blowing stuff up and shooting people dead and ... blowing stuff up and shooting people dead... and blowing stuff up and shooting people dead... and blowing st...... ok i think you see where this is going. after the first day i learned a big lesson the hard way.

just because a company makes 1 good game, doesn't mean that everything else they make is gonna be good. this game is probably the biggest waste of $49.99 that I've ever spent. and then a year or so later i dusted it off and traded it in for my modest $8... :(* ...

lesson learned: rent first! there is no sure thing!

Spiderman 3 the movie the game

the disappointment. OK i do know better, Movie based games do have the "curse of unplayable", but for some reason i thought maybe... MAYBE... this could be the one. maybe this was the one that oracle spoke of. unfortunately this was note our Neo.

"Next Gen Graphics! 10 different story lines! Play as Harry! Switch between the black suit AND the red suit!! 3 Times as Big as that last game!!1"

"HellmotherfuckingYeah!" ...

"Meh graphics!10 different 3 mission (15min) story lines linked together into not even 1 normal story mode length! play as harry, for $10 more or $7 if you get him on the PSN! switch between different background music and idle animations! 3 times as big as the last game! and 3 times the empty space to run around and do nothing... "

"...mother fucker..."

so I'm a fan of the spiderman games, i liked ultimate spiderman (mostly the play as venom part) and i liked the first PS1 activison game before the movies, casue it was different and i liked to zip up to the roof with my web. the idea of playing as spiderman intrigues me and its fun. playing as spiderman in this game is fun, but after you spend the 4 hours to beat the story mode there's nothing left. you've got MILES! of new york at your finger tips but.... nothing to do.

see in GTA, you play as a normal thief. there's tons of things you can do. steal cars and drive, shoot people, jump off buildings, fly planes, police chases, pretend to be a cabbie.. in spiderman, your a Superhero... you beat all the evil villains and then what? steal a car and drive around? oh no, your a hero. fly a plane? spiderman doesnt fly planes.. shoot people? spiderman would never! ...

so what you DO get to do is the same random bank robbery missions, over and over and over and its the same story over and over.. suddenly activision steals my childhood dream of being a superhero by showing me the truth! that its just the same petty thief's over and over and once in a blue mood you get a villain to face.

maybe if they didn't spend 3 years mapping out New York and just made a linear game (ya thats thoughs games Pre-Grand Theft Auto 3) that was at least 30 hours + of things to do i might have had fun being spiderman... instead of basicly telling me that the Santa eats beef jerky and drinks beer on the couch 364 days a year. :(*

Marc Echos Getting Up

LOL .. i paid 4 bucks for this on clearance and then traded it in for 5.. i got paid a buck to play this game... sounds about right...

Enter The Matrix

i bought this on clearance for $2 and i never opened it... after reading the reviews i couldnt bring myself to cracking the plastic.

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