Saturday, August 18, 2007

Games i regret (v. mothsnesmonster)

Following the great fareo i would like to take a moment and talk about some of the games i regretfully sold, let go or accidentally thrown out by parental units. It's like the post under me but with a twist...

First though i would like to name off a couple of games that have consumed my creative soul for much too long and without any real warrant. All the while taking precious moolaa from my trusty bank account...


For years now the game series that captivated my entity like Cheese to wallace and gromit has sucked my wallet for ever cent i could muster up. The series wouldn't be so bad if say you were to destroy all known knowledge of any REAL mmo. The problem with the games are that once you actually realize all your "fantasies" in this fake fake world could not only be lived out in a fake world (see what i did there?) but more of an actual for filling experience cause you are exploring with actual people not npc's who want you to believe your playing with real people.. (ex. fake emails, fake cybering, fake love interests, fake loneliness) just kidding who really falls for a girl that isn't really real on some game.. yeah that never happens..right? Movin on... Whatever you do don't find yourself 4 years after a game comes out thats actually pretending to pretend to be a great game and still wanting more.. here i am... missing the fourth installment of the first series (second time purchasing) and haven't even gotten to play the first of the second series cause my brain wants me to finish something before i start something else... but i stare ever vi gently waiting for the fourth installment to release me from my hell... that is collecting...

my regret though is ever getting started in this wonderfully unique world.


So jumping back into the whole collecting for no real reason part of my brain. Really not sure why the hell i hunt down snes and nes games while my compy is chalked full of roms. I even have handy dandy controllers from psx days and everything i could ever want to make my thumbs and pants orgasm out of control via "Throwback joy". But everytime im on ebay i look for chrono trigger everytime im at denios i look through the snes and nes crap.. everytime i look at my wii i know what wrong things i have done...(virtual console what have you made of me). It is pure regret i feel flowing through my vains everytime i look at my entertainment center and all those games that are not only on my computer but games that i have already beaten...
the shame that i have because of all the games i have and the fact that the poor midwestern doesn't even know or will ever know of them makes me stay up all night or the fact that im pwnin noobs in resistance till 3 in the mornin.

And now to put an end to this shamefest i'd like to take up 30 more seconds of your time and tell you why selling games and letting parents know where your games are are bad ideas. Because no matter what you will regret it later down the road.. unless the game sucks, and in that case why the fuck did you buy it? Waiting one more week to buy a game instead of selling a game that you kind of don't like at the moment could make all the difference in the matter of your contentment later on in life. Life is a game either play to win or play to lose... accept what the hell your going to do in life and do it.

and im done heh..

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Fareo said...

games ive lost to stupidity

ATV Off Road Fury

those are the only 3 that really stand out and that i might go out and rebuy if i can find black boxes of them...