Monday, August 27, 2007

Fuck you digital distribution

so as of a few minutes ago Warhawk became available to download via the PSN for a cool $39.99. the more i look at it the more i realize that, i dont really have to pay for it. all i have to do is hit a couple buttons and bam! im flying the unfriendly skys. its really that simple, so simple that im hovering over the send button right now... and now im starting to figure out what Satan's real plan is.

the whole digital cash flow thing started with credit cards, debt cards, check cards, target cards, club cards, and so forth it became easier to buy things. no more do you have to actually see the money go away! it was as easy as sliding a card, and bam thats yours... want a new 50'' TV? all you gotta do is just slide a card though this machine and its yours. who wouldnt do that??

over time sliding a card became the standard and now people see it as money. so your less likely to buy something if you have to actually physically hand "something" to someone. then online shopping started and it became even easier, you just punch in your numbers once and you can hit the "buy" button all day, the items are delivered to your door step and you never have to leave your dark damp cave you call a home.

but no, that wasnt enough. now all you have to do is punch in you card once when you start your acount, as before, then you just click on what you want and there is no waiting for it to arive on your door step... oh no... it just downloads onto you harddrive, no box to open, no disc to put in, you dont even have to get up off your lazy ass... you just click the icon and your playing.

its evil i tell you... i have to keep yelling in my head "ITS REALLY GONNA TAKE $40 (OF REAL MONEY) OUT OF YOUR ACOUNT AND YOU DONT HAVE THAT MUCH TO SPEND... DONT BE STUPID!!!!" to keep my self from making the mistake ive made with smaller purchases, like Super Mario Bros (Wii)... which was really dumb considering i have a cartrage and NES over there and a ROM of it right here, and now a Wii version of it to my right.....

so i advise you to buy games in person with cash, dont get caught up in the digital world.. becasue it only has one ending and that ending is debt... and there aint no cheat codes to save you from debt :(

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Anonymous said...

werd. It's so simple it must be free.