Monday, November 24, 2008

The ways of LBP! (timing and the chicken suit)(and a sad note)

Ah LittleBIGPlanet. The game that's so addicting, yet so frustrating. Just played about a solid hour of it, all of which fareo spent editing his mysterious level. Alas I have unlocked the chicken suit, which is amazing I might add, as I coupled it with the stained white cotton sack material. Yes, yes, yes so addicting. Going through "The Temples" without dieing a single time was fairly simple, a feat about a week ago I would've told you was impossible. A couple of days ago I shelled out 3 bucks to get the LocoRoco (a game of which I haven't played) costumes (the costumes of which are awesome). This is gonna get ridiculous with the amount of money I'm gonna spend on this game's DLC! Again with a reference to fareo, but as he says "It's starting to become like Pokémon, you gotta collect 'em all."

And on a sad note, one of my closest friends was admitted to the hospital today. They moved him to the E.R. and he is currently in the ICU, after recieving surgery. That's the story as I know it, but I'm so concerned. My thoughts and prayers go to him.

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